Interview with Sam Aotaki

After Last weeks interview with Minnie Scarlet, i had the chance to do another interview with an actress of Asian School Girls, Sam Aotaki. Have Fun
Sebastian Rothe: As a Model and Actress, how did you grow up to? Do want this? did you watch many movies as a kid?


Sam Aotaki: i always was very creative as a kid, i didnt do well acedmicaly but i started doing dance when i got into middle school and as a kid i would always draw and do arts and crafts, i always wanted to be in entertainment though. i started out dancing and then from that acting got into the mix and with that model and that was that! i was big with disney movies as a good and always watching tv, and then when i was a teen i got more into movies and me and my mom would always hang out and watch a bunch.


Sebastian Rothe:  I saw Asian School Girls and you did a great Job in the movie. How did you get the role of Hannah?


Sam Aotaki: thank you! i was in another movie with Asylum so they called me in to do ASG and i originally got the part of vivian but the original girl to play hannah had some complications and had to drop out so i got casted as hannah after that


Sebastian Rothe:  Its a physical Movie with a rape scene and fight scenes. How hard was this Movie for you?


Sam Aotaki: all the fight scenes were really really fun, im really glad i got that experience, it was a good work out! the rape scene was really hard and intense for me. i mean its a rape scene. i feel very strongly about rape and having to recreate a horrible action like that was really intense but i got through it.


Sebastian Rothe:  The Movie is in the rape & revenge Genre, after you had read the script did you watch others movies of the genre like I Spit on your Grave?


Sam Aotaki: i acutally havent, i should though! ive seen other rape scenes though like jody fosters rape scene, and oh the rape and revenge sequence in the original GIrl With the Dragon Tattoo



Sebastian Rothe:  You did another Movie for The Asylum, Alpha House a College Sex Comedy, wich movie was harder to shot Alpha House or Asian School Girls?


Sam Aotaki:oh definantly Asian School Girls. Alpha House was really fun and pretty casual but i think thats just cause it was simpiler than Asian School Girls. for ASG we had to change locations all the time, do fighting, a bunch of blood, a ton of lines it was just crazy


Sebastian Rothe: Asian School Girls had kind of funny and disturbing death Scene, the facesitting neck breaker. But was the most disturbing scene you ever watched in a movie?


Sam Aotaki: i ever watched in a movie..hmm… probably the rape scene in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a really rough one, that was really hard to watch, mostly stuff like that really makes me uncomfortable, blood and gore is always fun to watch for me because i’m into all that horror stuff, i guess recently though, actually last night my friends and i watched The Cable Guy which was a surprisingly disturbing movie.


Sebastian Rothe:  Can you tell us something about your next projects?


Sam Aotaki: as for my next projects go, my next big one is i’m part of the Suicide Girl Blackheart Burlesque troupe, so i’ll be touring around the world with them so hopefully i’ll come to your city!!



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